: Client Care Guide :

Crick and Mardling's aim is to provide you with a high quality service by dealing with your matter, whatever it may be, effectively and efficiently and in accordance with your instructions. Our aim is to ensure you feel satisfied with the service provided and that you will in future instruct us again and recommend our firm to your friends and family.

Your instructions to us should be clear and concise and leave us in no doubt as to the tasks you wish us to carry out on your behalf. This has to be the case regardless of the type of work that you ask us to carry out, and that we agree to perform.

Legal costs are our fees payable by you for work that we carry out on your behalf. Disbursements are those monies that we have paid out for you and which we require you to repay to us upon the conclusion of the work that we carry out for you. We understand the importance of agreeing these fees at the very outset and wherever possible we give you a firm written quotation. On occasions it may not be possible to be precise as to the final bill because of the nature of the work, but we will provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible. Our charging rates per hour are competitive and can be discussed with us before you give us instructions to carry out the work.

Our firm is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax is added to our fees and to additional costs incurred by us on your behalf, such as travel expenses to court. With regard to disbursements, these will usually be inclusive of VAT.

If the type of work that you instruct us to carry out is such that only an estimate can be given as to the costs, we will write to you if and when this estimate is likely to be exceeded. The costs position will be reviewed at regular intervals, and not less than every six months. We also reserve the right to deliver interim bills if the matter that we are dealing with for you is unlikely to conclude within a relatively short period of time.

We may in relation to any work that you instruct us to carry out request a payment from you on account of our costs and disbursements. If, when the costs position is reviewed, it becomes clear that a further payment is required, then we will notify you as part of the review.

We hope that you do not need to raise issues about the service that you have received from us. If you do, we would firstly like you to discuss the nature of your concerns with the person who has been dealing with your matter. If your grievance cannot at this stage be resolved then we would invite you to contact Clive Wooliscroft Managing Partner who acts also as the client care partner at our Newcastle-under-Lyme office at Berkeley Court Borough Road Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire ST5 1TT telephone 01782 715555.